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Product Description

Guided by the dynamic design of the UEFA Champions League official match football, it’ll stand out when the action speeds up. Made for matches, it’s seamless and FIFA certified to ensure sparkling performances. Soft, firm, reliable and durable soccer ball. Great for clubs, colleges and high schools. This ball is fitted with SELECT’s patented Zero-wing latex bladder, which gives the ball the best agility, bounce, and overall performance. Latex is a natural material with open micro pores which enables air to leak over time. FIFA standards for a quality soccer ball allows for this air loss in their criteria; a ball can lose up to 25% of its air pressure within 72 hours. All balls fitted with latex bladders must therefore be pumped up on a regular basis for optimal play.

COVER: Textured 1.8 mm PU.

BLADDER: Zero-wing latex for optimal bounce.

NFHS and NCAA certified.

3 year warranty.

Standard Ball Sizing
Size 5: ages 12 and up
Size 4: ages 8-12
Size 3: ages 8 and under
Size 1: skills/practice