Last Sunday, at the Day of Action campaign in Dewan Belalong, Teqball took center stage as residents embraced the thrill of this exciting sport. The event marked the introduction of Teqball to the heart of Temburong, offering a day filled with skill, teamwork, and a whole lot of fun.

The Day of Action campaign provided the perfect platform for showcasing Teqball, a sport that combines elements of football and table tennis. Residents had the opportunity to experience the game firsthand, engaging in dynamic matches and enjoying the competitive spirit it fosters. The introduction of Teqball in Temburong is a significant step in promoting physical activity and community engagement. By bringing this innovative sport to the region, the campaign aimed to inspire residents to develop new skills and participate in a healthy, active lifestyle.

As Teqball continues to gain popularity, events like the Day of Action in Dewan Belalong highlight the sport’s potential to unite communities and provide a fun, energetic outlet for people of all ages. The future of Teqball in Temburong looks promising, with more exciting activities and opportunities on the horizon.