Brunei Teqball Association Unveils President-Elect Mohammad Shukri bin Haji Damit at 4th Annual General Meeting

The Brunei Teqball Association recently marked a significant milestone at their 4th Annual General Meeting, proudly unveiling President-elect Mohammad Shukri bin Haji Damit for the 2024-2025 term. This landmark event heralds an exciting new chapter for the association as it embarks on a journey under new leadership.

During the meeting, members and stakeholders gathered to celebrate the achievements of the past year and to set the stage for future successes. The announcement of Mohammad Shukri bin Haji Damit as President-elect was met with enthusiasm and optimism, signaling a promising era for teqball in Brunei. The 2024-2025 term under President-elect Shukri is expected to bring innovative initiatives and a renewed focus on nurturing talent and promoting teqball throughout the country. The association is confident that his leadership will inspire growth and elevate the sport to new levels of recognition and success.

Exciting times indeed await the Brunei Teqball Association. With fresh leadership at the helm, the future of teqball in Brunei looks brighter than ever. Join us as we begin this exhilarating journey and strive towards excellence in the sport.